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Innovative machines that are engineered for environments where safety and efficiency are prerequisites can be found with our company, Qualipak Machinery Hi Tech Ltd. We know well that many businesses across the world are challenged with making available products that deliver the best quality as desired by customers. Flexibility and scalability become an issue when the focus is on generating better profits for customers. Likewise, focusing on personal profits makes companies lose the trust of their customers. Therefore, companies that can balance both and can generate mutual profits for the business and customers take home the credit of being a winner in the field. We, Qualipak Machinery Hi Tech Ltd., take pride in calling ourselves a service-oriented manufacturer, exporter, and supplier that has the competence to design Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines, Horizontal Packing Machines, Vertical Packaging Machine, Pre-Formed Pouch Packaging Machine, Weigher And Dosing System, etc., that have a global demand and bring laurels for our company from far and wide. 

Our Excellence

Businesses in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry often require a high level of support. Such businesses can attain their production targets only if they have a reliable product-sourcing partner to fall back on in times of need. Qualipak Machinery Hi Tech Ltd. always delivers the right kind of support they seek, especially when it comes to product reliability and quality. Customers are not bothered about where Qualipak branded products come from as they know they can fully trust their operational excellence and service standard. On-demand products are delivered within committed timelines with the company also offering robust models of customized, Pre-Formed Pouch Packaging Machines, Weigher And Dosing Systems, etc., with the same agility and speed.

Advantages We Deliver

Since 2016, we have been implementing advanced production technologies to manufacture innovative products that are best suited to application needs in various industries, including food & beverage, healthcare, chemical manufacturing, etc. Each machine is designed for serving optimally and delivering the best possible outcomes even in aseptic environments. Tracking the ongoing needs of customers from the aforesaid sectors and more, we deliver the following advantages to them:

  • We never sacrifice quality and adopt robust quality control techniques at our production plant.
  • We make a range of custom-designed machines for specialty applications related to packaging and filling jams, sauces, snacks, pet food, frozen food, soft drinks, pharma products, chemicals, etc.
  • Our products are rated high in many industries for being marginally priced.
  • We provide quick service support and advice related to factory planning, installation and training to customers. 

Focus on Sustainability 

Operating in the manufacturing industry has become challenging and interesting. Manufacturing today is no longer about how speedily companies can produce products or attain industry growth. The progress of a manufacturing company is also gauged by how many sustainable milestones it reaches when conducting a successful business. Qualipak is proud to design and deliver some of the most efficient models of Pre-Formed Pouch Packaging Machines, Weigher And Dosing Systems, etc., all of which are sustainably made at its scalable production factory in China. Many initiatives are taken to increase the work satisfaction of its employees, for reducing waste generation, and for preserving the environment as a part of its commendable sustainability initiatives.

Future Goal

Our aim is to extend our market reach and deliver our suite of specialized and customized packaging machine solutions to more clients, globally.

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